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Chris Chrysler is a mixed/multi- media artist creating in the Ottawa region of Eastern Ontario. Located 45 minutes from city-centre, Chris draws inspiration from both the urban and rural environs- focusing on expressing the visual experience by capturing the essence of her subject through a combination of simplified value shapes and vibrant palettes. Her work ranges from highly textured contemporary portraits to large scale florals and landscapes. Chris' art has exhibited in Canada and the United States and her works are held in private collections around the world. She is currently Professor and Program Coordinator of the Visual & Creative Arts- Fine Arts program at St.Lawrence College, and former curator of the Marianne van Silfhout Gallery, Brockville ON.

"As an artist I seek to convey the essence and energy of a given moment

through the exploration of texture, line, and value."



When I first painted some hens a number of years ago, I started thinking about what they are really like. While they can be shy, most are actually quite bold, and hilarious, sometimes standoffish and occasionally even a bit bossy (err... I mean, “demonstrate strong leadership skills”). I could say the same thing about artists.


As a general rule, we like to be left alone, but we can also be funny, and outgoing, and yes, even fearless. Once someone decides to be an artist, we've accepted that our life is going to be full of hard work, possible rejection and unsolicited criticisms. That things are going to be scary and uncertain. Yet we do it anyway because it is part of who we are. Periods of great confidence are sharply contrasted with longer periods of self-doubt and paralyzing fear to take the next step; times when logic says, “just do it already” and heart says, “but what if I fail”? It is in these moments I muster courage to continue on my authentic path. I decide who and what I want to be.


Bold. Fearless. A little bit a chicken.

I invite you to redefine what it means to be a chicken.  Just as my soul ignites with each piece of work I create or exhibit I hang, so too lives in you the ability to kindle your creative spirit.  Explore and grow with me through my work, or join one of my classes and live your authentic creative life.



Being ‘chicken’ is usually associated with being scared or cowardly.


Choosing a career as a contemporary creative certainly involves fear. Fear of being rejected, fear of people not liking your work, fear of never selling, fear of being so poor you are forced to eat your paint causing you to go crazy and cut off your ear (okay, that last part might just be me). My point is, being an artist is scary stuff. It would be easy to give up. Maybe even the logical decision. Allow oneself to “chicken out”, but...have you met a chicken?


I mean actually met one. They don’t mess around.

The painting that started it all, "Hen Party", mixed media acrylic on canvas.

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